Sandon Road Methodist Church

Church Life.

Outside view of church

As you might gather we have several committees and groups that look after the wellbeing of the church and its congregation as well as the local community and the wider world.

The main groups are the Church Council, the Property Committee and the Neighbourhood Committee.

Our new pulpit hanging for Christmas 2009New Christmas pulpit hanging

Nice enough for tea and cakes outside at the Spring Fayre 2006Coffee and cakes outside church

Meanwhile around the back, serious work is going onCar Wash

Our sprinter heads for the finish in the relayRunning for the finish

Our Boys' Brigade lads covered in medals Medal time

A game of, well, er 'PassThe Boy'A game of 'Pass the boy'

Sleeping arrangements could have been betterSleeping accomodation 4 out of 10

The thing is to stay calm, or is that asleep?Stay cool

No! we're not going ballroom dancingI hope we're going windsurfing Copyright 2006 Ray Barrow. All Rights Reserved.